Santa Suits Are In This Year

December 6, 2013Blog


Ever since the start of SantaCon the idea of dressing up in a Santa Suit has grown tremendously in popularity. Every Christmas thousands of people dress up in Santa Suits and go from bar to bar until there are completely wasted. By the end of the night there are just a bunch of drunk Santas running around.

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How To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree

December 6, 2013Blog


Christmas is a time of love and joy and to spend precious quality time with friends and family gathered round the all important Christmas Tree. It is extremely important to have the perfect Christmas Tree this time of year as these Christmas memories will be around for a very long time.

We are going to help you find the perfect Christmas Tree for your home and family.

First, you need to decide if you want a real tree or a fake tree.

Fake Tree
The fake tree method is really taking off with people as it is simply less maintenance. You don’t have to go pick it out, tie it to your roof, mount it with a frustrating tree mount, and water it every few days. To set up a fake tree, you simply grab it out of your attic/garage/closet, set it up, and decorate. Then you just leave it and it takes care of itself.

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Real Tree
Yes, its true. Real trees are more work, but there is something about the real tree process that is special. You get to take your child or loved one to the tree place, pick out your very own sized tree together. Its almost a bonding experience. The you take it home, set it up, and decorate. The tree’s have a more real texture and smell that fake Christmas trees just can’t replicate.

At the end of the day it is all what you want for yourself and your loved ones. Both real and fake trees do a wonderful job of bringing the sense of Christmas into the house and it is a tradition that will live on forever.


Christmas Gift Ideas

December 6, 2013Blog


Looking for a great Christmas Gift Idea?

You have come to the right place! Free Shipping Savings has the best deals on the Top Christmas Gifts of 2013.

Here you will be able to find all of the top Christmas gift ideas by category.

Until we finish completing our Christmas Gift Ideas page please review the rest of our site for great deals!


Top 10 Christmas Gifts

December 6, 2013Blog


Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2013

1. PS4 (Playstation 4) Console

2. Xbox One Console

3. LED Televisions








Top Christmas Gifts By Category

By Gender
Girls | Boys | Mens | Womens | Pets

By Interest
Videos Games

Every year there are always those things that people just have to have for Christmas. It could be those Justin Beiber concert tickets, an Xbox One or PS4, or even and Ipad Mini. Here we are going to host an annual Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the season as well as top 10 gift lists by gender and category. One of the most difficult things in the world are buying gifts for some people. We hope to cultivate a Top 10 Christmas Gifts resource that will truly help you find the perfect gift idea for your friend or love one. The holidays are a wonderful time of year for all so help Santa pick the perfect Christmas Gift’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts List!


What Date Black Friday This Year?

November 21, 2013Blog


Black Friday 2013 is on November 29th, 2013 this year!

Get ready for the shopping madness with our Official Black Friday 2013 Shopping Guide!